Four Pillars of Authentic Tantra

  •   meditation,movement, connection, and pleasure as medicine to heal wounds and trauma in our body,mind, and spirit.

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Tibetan Tantra


There are many different styles of Tantra.  Iam a certified Practitioner of Authentic Tantra®️,  which is a holistic healing modality. I am also a certified sexologist.

These are Lineage based teachings that promote healing, and wellbeing for you and all living beings. I am Passionate about helping others create more intimacy and pleasure in their lives. These practices have helped me overcome many challenges in my own life, and given me the power to let go of beliefs and judgement about myself and others. I have a greater capacity to love myself, my partner, and other living beings.

Tantra Sessions


Release blocks in the body, unpack the lies we tell ourselves , old Patterns, social conditioning, trauma, belief systems. Use meditation practices and breathing to relax, relieve tension and stress, and increase your potential for pleasure. Experience better orgasms, make love longer, and  create a more sacred connection with a partner. I also offer practices to help with pelvic floor issues, ED, PE, or pain or numbness during sex.

Connection and Intimacy

Couples breathing is fantastic for connecting!

 Available now for one on one sessions or couples. Sessions can be done in person or through zoom. I practice by a code of ethics, and do not offer hands on body work, or engage in any sexual activity with clients.

Menu / Price List

Weekend appointments available by request, please message me if days/times listed will not work for you


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Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you might have. Please send an email if you would like to book a session

Blissful Connections LLC

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